Making Your Own Wedding Cake

frances_final_bake610-421x281Thinking of making your own wedding cake then look no further than Frances, the finalist of the Great British Bake Off 2013.  Most wedding cakes take many more hours than 6 to prepare and require huge skills when icing and decorating them.  Frances was extremely clever in using butter-cream instead of sugar paste icing to decorate her cake.  Butter-cream is much more easier to work with and hides mistakes that may have been made in the baking of the cake (i.e. crumbling sponge).  The beautiful edible decoration confetti is a very simple yet effective way to decorate a cake.  She simply sliced fresh fruit thinly then cut in to her desired shapes using biscuit cutters and then cooked them gently in the oven until they curled and crisped slightly.  Inspired!

More on what we are up to in the run up to Christmas and where you can find us next week.

Until then – happy baking!