Animal Print 40th Party

Sorry to all our blog readers as we have been out of touch for a while.  What a totally manic and fun month it has been.  A couple of the highlights as follows:

40 domed cup cakes LMFAO cup cakes on standAn LMFAO inspired party with a huge marquee in the garden.  Had lots of fun working on this wacky party and a first for us in making domed cup cakes.  Now this is a party Cloud Nine Cake Company wish they had got an invite for.  It looked like it was going to be great fun!

Lots and lots of children’s birthday cakes ending in another trip to London for Frizz Ease this time.  100 branded cup cakes in 3 beautiful shades of icing with logo on top.  Although the drive to London is slow, I don’t think Cloud Nine Cake Company will ever get bored of the going there on business.  Such and amazing city and a good chance to catch up on our to do list.

We promise not to leave it so long next time.  Until then……..