Wedding Favours

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If you are looking for something a little bit different for your wedding, why not go for some edible favours.  These delightful biscuits come in many different shapes and can be personalised with either your wedding date or your initials.  You can even have the icing match your bridesmaids or colour scheme.

Or you could have them as the place names for your guests.  Each one individually iced with your guests name. 

Beautifully wrapped and tied with ribbon to match your colour scheme.

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Valentines Inspiration

Valentines Day is fast approaching and maybe you are looking for something that little bit different.  At Cloud Nine Cake Company, we have created a Valentine’s Pot full of handmade goodies and retro sweeties.  At £14 this is definitely value for money and can be filled with any combination that took your fancy.

Choose from handmade iced biscuits in various shapes and/or cupcakes.  Both of these can be made completely personal and unique to you by having a personal message iced on to them or the name of the one you love.  You could even propose to someone in this way. 

Or you could have chocolate dipped shortbread, chocolate hearts, brownies and various retro sweets added to your pot to name but a few combinations.  All these elements make it a truely unique gift for Valentine’s Day or as a gift to someone in hospital or for Mother’s Day or as bridesmaids gits.  The list is endless and I think anyone would be very happy to receive this.

If you didn’t fancy purchasing one, why not try making one yourself.  Buy a pretty pot or basket and fill with coloured tissue paper.  Purchase some plain biscuits and using an icing pen add a personal message or pretty pattern to them.  Make some yummy cupcakes and ice to your own colour scheme and decorate with various cake toppers.  Finally fill the gaps with some shop bought sweets.  Perfect for your that special person in your life.

May the there be love and happiness for all over the next week leading up to the day of love!!!!